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And no.

2011-03-04 15:22:13 by ThR

And no.


2010-12-29 17:21:46 by ThR

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Looking for an artist!

2010-06-11 09:19:09 by ThR

I'm curently looking for an artist to make the album cover for my album SITDSG.

Note: Look at the bottom of the page to see if the spot has ben taken or not.


1. Jun. 11, 2010 - I found out that Ninja-fan is a tranny. This information was given to me by: IFuckingSuck. I am yet to find out if this information is valid.
Jun. 27, 2010 - I just found that Ninja-fan is in fact not a tranny.


1. There will be no payment.

2. The motiv will be given when someone takes the job.

3. Contact me via PM or in a comment.

Looking for an artist!


2010-04-01 17:58:40 by ThR



My album "Du Er Grim Mikkel!" is out now on
The Pirate Bay

It has all my latest songs in it (not 680 BPM Speedcore nor Exclamation Mark One) And some more.

My new song!

2009-12-04 19:12:07 by ThR

Here is my new song: Flekenverb.
I hope you all like it!

Also don't forget to check out Razorcell's page!

I have made 2 new songs

2009-10-15 17:59:16 by ThR

One song that is good and one that is bad ass hell!

Last post was writen by one of my friends.


2009-10-03 18:31:59 by ThR


I have made a new song "four" you. I hope "four" you likeness on this track.

Take care!

The lyrics are: "Du er grim Mikkel!" and "Feel the rhythm". "Du er grim Mikkel!" is writen in danish.

2 new songs

2009-08-28 20:04:53 by ThR

My 2 newest songs Ta-da-da-drava and (T)hip-(T)hop are now on Newgrounds!

A brand new baner AND a new song :D

2009-05-22 13:09:48 by ThR

The baner is made by Vadested! And you can go hear the song her! It's an other style then i'm used to but i still think it's pretty good!

A brand new baner AND a new song :D